Longevity of images: DVD or USB?

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Re: M-DISC = approx 1000 years livespan, lets say at least 100 year
In reply to Carl Decker, Aug 19, 2012

Not disagreeing if you here, but:

That's what they said about cd/dvd - until that fungus that eats cd/dvd's become more prevalent.

if this storage become more in use, who's to know if some other long-dormant or new fungus attacks it?

I distrust any reference to 100's of years of longevity..

Back to the OP:

Kept carefully, dvd's are good storage.
Kept carefully, usb memory is good storeage.

Use both, redundant backup.

But - do you really need even 50 years of store? Most people won't want pictures after 10 years or so..

Carl Decker wrote:


Already available in many internet shops.

Regarding the readers, perhaps (a) buying an external DVD reader is a good idea when PC's dont come with a DVD slot anymore, and (b) storing in such a simple format that DVD (movie) players can also read it

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