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Nightwings wrote:

Ok, than i was right, FZ150 has a excelent AF system.

So does the P510.

exelent? ive seen many video's on youtube where i wont use the class excelent,
but if they all lie, or you dont believe it, just say so... if you dare...
, i and can put more than a dozen examples here
you name that exelent?
facts mr. Nightwings facts

and ive seen ppl here with P510 that says at max zoom, its not 100%

CDAF, just like your FZ150

i explaned some things CDAF can NOT do while FZ150 can..
can you explain the paper test?? with CDAF

it was Fuji who introduced a hybride system of CDAF and PDAF in 2010 iirc (thank you Fuji).

dont know if the FZ150 uses a similiar sytem but it works EVEN in video mode AND at full zoom

i didn refere to these two, but these:

oh, and is it FAIR to compare DSLR 3x price with bridge?? pls tell me
but no problem, just look at original size!

BTW, three seconds before that shot, that bird wasn't there ... two seconds after that shot... that bird wasn't there.

let me see, how long didt it stay there and NOT move, ??

and how many pictures would the FZ150 have taken with 12FPS ?? and a large buffer?

Someone found out, by luck i guess, that the cam has LIVE view...press button x 3 sec, and POP... your large widescreen television/laptop is the realtime monitor of your cam
ideal for long distance watching or birding follow.
pany response? silence.. and its NOT in the manual.

It's funny, how panny gives you all of those little trinket features, but ultimately it can't produce the worlds most powerful lens 24-1000 equiv. like Nikon did.

cant or wont..
Nikon can make filtertreat but wont give it on P510
can make 3d LCD but wont on P510
can make hotshoe but wont on P510 etc etc..
so you were saying?? cant or wont?

After all, it IS pictures you'll be using your camera for right?

yes still pictures graphics AND video graphics

So, CDAF or PDAF.. you tell me what the cam REALY uses ...combo?? (i know manual says CDAF but go to a shop[, hold the cam for few minutes.. and see what i mean, you dont have to OWN the cam for that. Its better than D7000 according my experiance, and that for a bridge! )

Then you have very VERY limited experience.

did you ever use the ZF150 as long as i used the D7000???

Nikon AF - One Shot ..... One Kill

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