And now we know Ryan is a blatent liar as well

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ljfinger wrote:

...a request for "stimulus money" and a "constituent service request"? I think that's kinda key, here, in determining if he lied or not.

A constituent service request is where a constituent asks for help getting something for which they are entitled, but are having problems with the bureaucracy, so the office of the Congressman steps in and asks the relevant agency to fix the problem, thus helping the constituent.


In this case, the constituents asked for help getting AARA money, and so the congressman's office stepped in and asked the DOE for favoritism in the selection process by asking for money for constituents in his district before the selections have been made. Any other member of the government doing that would be in violation of the law and could easily lose their job for attempting to influence a competitive selection process.

So an illegal constituent service request?

He asked for money for his district 2 1/2 years ago, and 2 years ago he said that he had never asked for stimulus money. He repeated the lie last week until his memory was jogged by being presented with irrefutable evidence (letters with his signature on them).

I'm still not seeing the lie, yet. As above, seems like an "illegal constituent service request" as opposed to "stimulus money". Of course, I'm entirely willing to admit that I'm totally missing it.

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