First day shooting with the OM-D (WARNING LONG POST)

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First day shooting with the OM-D (WARNING LONG POST)
Aug 18, 2012

Last week, I finally gave up on my ailing, aging E-620, and bought a new OM-D. I loved my old 4/3 camera dearly, but it was becoming nearly unusable due to a mode dial issue, not to mention it was only a waiting game before the shutter gave out (the 620's shutter is rated for 50,000 cycles, and I was nearing 70,000). So, I "gifted" it to my sister and invested in a new system. I have a couple of normal 4/3rds lenses, which I use with an adapter, and I eventually decided to buy an Oly 45mm lens, which was a really, really good decision.

My thoughts on the OM-D:


• Good-looking: this is easily the sexiest camera I've ever seen this side of a Leica. It's got that old film-camera appearance, mixed with smooth operation and that lovely big screen. Even if it didn't take pictures, I would get it just to use as a stylish bookend.

• It's fast. Miles faster than my E-620 (though, to be fair, the focusing on that camera is probably broken after being dragged through miles of blowing sand, blizzards, rainstorms, humid jungles, and San Francisco). Even using my legacy 4/3 lenses with the adapter, it's fast and accurate, and the 45mm zips into focus like a dream. I've tried out the 12-50, and it's even faster. Job well done on this one, Olympus.

• It's beautifully clear up past ISO 2500. Again, I'm a little biased after coming from the 620, which got spotty anywhere above 800, but damn .

• The dynamic range. Oh, that dynamic range. When I saw blown out highlights on the E-620, I might as well delete the image right there, because there ain't no getting that information back, even in RAW. I literally jumped up and down in joy the first time I played with the highlights slider in Lightroom. I almost don't even need to use GND filters anymore. Almost.

• Perhaps it's the little kid in me, but I will never get over how much fun it is to touch the LCD and watch the camera magically pop into focus.

• Art filters: the Dramatic Tone filter is basically glorified Instagram, and it will probably get old after about 6 seconds, but there's something really rewarding about taking a picture of some mundane scene and see it come out instantly contrasty and interesting.

• The IBIS is even better than what I'm used to on my last camera. The only unfortunate part about that is that it gives me a false sense of security when it comes to shooting handheld. Although that's my fault, not the camera's.


• The tilting LCD is nice, but I really miss the fully articulated screen on my 620. It's all well and good for landscape-orientated pictures, but it would be nice to have the option to take a vertical picture using the screen, which isn't nearly as convenient.

• Touch screen focus is fun, but it would be nice to have the option to use the touch function to change other functions, such as ISO or white balance. I'm used to using buttons of course, but that would be a nice feature.

• High ISO is great, but I wish the ISO would go lower than 200, for long exposure shots or wide-open shots on fast lenses. I now have to use my variable ND filter more often on my 9-18 if I want long exposure water pictures. On a similar note, a higher top shutter speed of 1/8000 of a second would be nice for using fast lenses in the daylight

Overall, this camera is a dream to use, and it's renewed my drive to go out and take pictures. It really is nearly perfect for me. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who can't afford a full-frame camera or a Leica.

But anyway, enough of my prattling, here's some of my pictures taken with the OM-D, all taken in the same day, in chronological order.


Legacy 9-18mm:



4/3 70-300mm:



I also went into the city to try out some street photography; I'm mainly a nature photographer, but the 45mm was practically designed for that genre, so I decided to try it out. I'm still a novice on the street, but the lens is a pro:

And finally, I climbed the local Sugarloaf Mountain for a view of the sunset:

Sorry for the long post! I just happen to very enthusiastic about this camera. C&C is welcome, and requested.

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