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As a semi-retired Pro ...
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... believe me taking good photos is the smallest part of the job!

First, you need enough money to see you through at least three years in which time to get established and weather inactive periods! You need good business acumen. You need to consider, carefully, tax situation, whether accountant required, what legal aspects you need to take note of - such as insurance for equipment AND (obligatory!) Public Liability. In this day and age, remember - carefully! - people are inclined to sue if anything is not to their own liking - not yours - theirs!

You need backup equipment - having one camera outfit, one flash and suchlike is not acceptable. You need to consider cost of office space and/or commercial outlet, advertising, brochures, etc. You also need to consider all the things that affect working as a Pro - such as commercial banking charges, cost of reliable transport (you cannot turn up in an old banger!) and suitable clothing, appropriate to the occasion.

Those are just a few things you MUST take into account. You need a sound business plan - one you can present to the bank. That will include overheads, your income and ability to pay for goods and services you need, so you need to have figures to show what you intend to be your turnover and how you intend to achieve that, overheads and thus profit margins, to pay for your own income and so forth.

Believe me, if you do not take it that seriously - you will fail. Being a decent enough photographer for your own pleasure is one thing, working for others is something else. You need very good technical ability to be able to overcome problems as they occur - AT THE TIME! A Pro is only ever as good as his/her last job. Make one c^ck-up and the jungle telegraph will soon ensure you never get a job again.

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