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Re: I wish.... I wish! NOT
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Mario... Mario..

Do you remember this?

MarioV wrote:

jcmarfilph wrote:

MarioV wrote:

jcmarfilph wrote:

MarioV wrote:

The comparison is pointless. The P510 is the only camera with the best zoom and it has the quality to back it up.

If you are talking about seeing the farthest coffee dispenser or chimney then yes.

Haha, well that shot of the lady by the expresso machine was actually impressive.

But I'm also talking about being able to take wildlife shots while remaining a safe distance. Sorry Joms, you have a greater chance of scaring away the animals or being chewed up

Hey did you know that your 12x more zoom is equivalent to only 2 steps forward? Or a minor cropping?

Right, take 2 steps closer over that cliff...

If the P510 "just" took a decent view of the distant object, cropping on a lesser FL small sensor is not an option.

IF I was happy with less zoom then I would have gone with the FZ150 or 200.

FL is short and it is funny to see users are buying expensive TC just to make its reach longer. If I want toyzoom (which obviously I don't), I will get P510 or SX40.

Unfortunately, I have yet to see any photos from the HS30 to compel me to think it has equal or better quality that these 'Toyzooms". And I'm talking about sharp, distortion-free images from Wide to Full zoom.

You mean this?


You love picking this one despite the fact that I already told you I already cropped that image by 50%.

or this ISO-800?


If you are shooting animals, chances are you will at least crop for composition so corners regardless if sharp or soft are useless.

Great excuse. So you dont worry about landscape shots then. You must think wide angle lenses are pointless.

I must have forgotten, none of the toyzooms I have handled can match HS30 in low-light/high ISO.

And if you can find any toyzoom that can match HS30 macros (without close-up or macro lens) SOOC you tell me.


Your image is a good closeup. The centre is probably the sharpest part of the lens though = limited application.

Not just the centre of the image! What should we call the HS30, "Toylens" ?


Sorry but HS30 has tons of advantages over any toyzooms out there.

Meh, plastic toylens. Good in the centre, blury the rest.

LOL. Say all you want but my HS30 has no toy-ish attribute at all.

-=[ Joms ]=-

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