Lens Aberration - Importance and Removal?

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Lens Aberration - Importance and Removal?


I'm investigating the possibility of developing software for removing lens aberrations from digital images, and I would appreciate any feedback that photographers out there may have on a couple of points (I am not a photographer myself). By lens aberration I am referring to the likes of lens distortion, chromatic aberration, spherical aberration, vignetting, purple fringing...

As a very open question, what is the current need amongst photographers for lens aberration correction? For example, what is lacking in current software?

Which aberrations are most important? Which are not at all important?

What kind of photography cares most about aberration correction? (e.g. stock photography, architectural, wedding...) Which aberrations are important here, and why?

I am aware that Adobe enable users to create their own lens profiles for correcting certain lens aberrations (lens distortion, vignetting, lateral chromatic aberration) using the Lens Profile Creator. I'd like to get a feel for how important this ability to create your own profiles is to photographers? In other words, would you rather be given the freedom to calibrate your own lenses, or to just use supplied calibrations (possibly from unknown sources)?

Is standalone software an advantage or disadvantage relative to a plugin?

Some software on the market enables manual, as opposed to automatic, correction of certain lens aberrations. Typically this is enabled with an adjustable slider. How important is this distinction?

Any other comments on software correction of aberrations, or any comments that you feel are in any way related to the above, would be much appreciated. As I said I'm not a photographer, so I'm looking to get the perspective of active photographers.


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