To sum up: strengths and weakness of the P510

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Mr. Speedy
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SpeedyGonzalys wrote:

This treat realy puzzles me.

When someone is giving his thoughts... he is a troll

Unexplained gutter snipes ... yah.. that's a trademark troll if you ask me.

I would have been happy to explain those samples I provided and the context of them with respect to the P510 .... but no such questions were asked .. instead my whole post was summarily dismissed .... as I did his.

When someone owns this camere for -one- day he is alowed to give commends,
but of courese it must NOT be negative...
so, one day, two days, youre an expert and your opinion counts,

I don't know what you mean. I would think that the opinion.... and it is an opinion... (some subjectively obtained.... some objectively obtained) from a long time owner would be valued ... as that owner would have theoretically had much more time to formulate an opinion than a person who merely held it in his hand and played with the controls in the store for a few minutes.

having it right from the beginning and NOT knowing your cam is NOT a 2.000mm optical, your an expert and your opinion counts... pfff... strange rules.

Strange words strung together to express a thought that.... despite my reading it many times, still have not figured out what you mean.

FAR better... Hmmm, can you please give me links where the P510 does FAR better than the FZ150?? (respected links pls, not from a shoe sales person..)

On this point you have me at an advantage, I can not provide you links.

I can only go by the many many real world sample shots posted in the Panasonic forums. In my opinion, the FZ150 does not have the same level of acuity in its lens that the P510 lens has. Perhaps it can be attributed to the P510s glass ... or the higher resolution sensor .... who knows. I like to base IQ on sheer resolving power ... whereas contrast / color can be corrected in PP to taste.

That and the FZ150's lens 600mm FL limit renders it impudent against the P510's 1000mm which despite it being almost double the FL ... it's still TACK SHARP at full FL. So on FL alone, one can claim the P510 is almost twice as good as the FZ150.

and no, im not going to state the other things that where LESS than the Fz150 from that quote

You should, because left unexplained, I don't understand what this statement means or implies.

Last, i see a wish list... P520... lol
Do you ppl realize that most of these thing are already on FZ150..

  • Your Panasonic has Manual Zoom? NO

  • Your Panasonic has a Nikon Speedlight compatible hotshoe? NO

  • Your Panasonic has on the fly 60FPS / 15FPS toggle shooting? NO

  • Your Panasonic is available in White? NO

  • Your Panasonic has FL markings on the lens barrel? NO

  • Your Panasonic has PDAF / CDAF auto focusing? NO

  • Your Panasonic has filter threads? YES

  • Your Panasonic can assign more than 7 seperate functions to its function button? MAYBE

I don't know about where you come from, but from where I come from 2 out of 8 does not constitute "most".

oeps soory forgot, you dont own that cam, so you have no clue what im talking about, that cam is a mistery for you

You don't have to own the camera to rattle off features.

Saying only ppl who own the cam have any clue about what the are talking about,
sounds realy stupid to me, sorry.

You DO however, have to own the camera if you're going to properly measure and use its features.... and submit opinions and samples based on your opinions.

There are many ppl who can take wonderfull pictures with many differant manufacturers.


There are NO bad cams anymore, only better performing on several area's, in stead of -one- area.

I sort of understand what you're saying.... and for the most part I agree. Some cameras perform better than others in certain areas .... some cameras have superior features than others; and your point would be?

Topic should be:
Pls give some qotes about things you like on P510 POSITIVE ONLY

The OP who started this thread solicited peoples opinions on the P510 .... I listed mine. Another person will list theirs.... and so on. The OP will then have a cumulative list of strengths and weakness's whereby he can make up his own mind.

Ultimate he's going to have to buy one himself in order to find out for himself if the P510 is for him.

OWNERS only, (because i have rarely seen owners who say, i think i bought the wrong cam..or... other cams are better, so im stupiid)

I and many others have bought several "wrong" cams over the years ... does that make us stupid? No, it makes them better educated going forward.

ps: showing pictures is fine... but it doesnt compare to anything,
realy wanna see how the P510 compares to other ones?? even at FULL ZOOM ??
just say yes, and we have a deal.

Alright then, post your FZ150 1000mm FL equiv. images .... 800mm FL equiv. images..... 700mm FL equiv. ......601mm FL equiv. images.... OK?

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