Canon's new 61 pt AF system (1DX, 5D3) smokes Nikon

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Re: No it's not HUGE EOSHQ
In reply to rbattsall, Aug 14, 2012

SubPrime, rbattsall, and all the other Nikon fans who post here on the Canon 1D/5D forum for whatever reason.

My post was tongue in cheek, my mistake was not making that clear. I thought using the word huge and Ashton Kutcher's name would be more obvious.

Just don't take this stuff so seriously. I think all intelligent Nikon and Canon owners can agree that both companies make good products. I know that I personally would like to wish you Nikon guys all the best, and I hope Nikon is able to get to the bottom of all the D800 and D4 problems so you can be happy and not frustrated. My advice is to go out and take some pictures. Enjoy photography again and don't worry for one second what any Canon user thinks about Nikon. I am headed out right now to do the same. Good day and good photos to you all.

rbattsall wrote:

SubPrime wrote:

The 5D2 has a terribel AF and was a great camera. The D800's AF is far superior to the 5D2's AF and has a superior sensor.

All I can say is that the 5D3 must be a major anti climax if the greatest pleasure you can get is from perecived flaws in a rival camera.

Enough said...... LOL

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