RX100 battery drain culprit

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RX100 battery drain culprit

I ran into the battery drain issue this weekend twice on the rx100, and on both occasions, the camera was not used for 6+ hrs straight, fully charged, in a soft pouch placed in my pocket right above the knee. By the time I come to use it, the lcd displays battery exhausted without any shot taken.

I did some thread discussion searching, and found most discussion ended up solved by the power saver feature. However, i dont think the power saver feature work 100% or else my experience would not have happened since it was set to one minute. I think for my case the camera was drained from accidentally pressed the display button in the soft pouch and somehow the power saver didnt kick in.

I did a few experiments to test how the power saver really work, and found:

  • the power saver works and the camera only turns off after one minute of inactivity ONLY if it is let alone in a "steady" environment, means no movement to the camera.

-if the camera is rotated, tilted, wobbled during the one minute inactivity period, the timer reset.

-if the camera is subjected to motion as mentioned above, the display lcd will remain on as long as the motion continue inevitably draining the battery.

I have just started experimenting on the same problem but with the lens out in shooting mode. Havent got enough tries into it yet, but so far it behaves the same way as display mode.

So for my case, i was walking with rx100 in my loose pocket the whole day, and must have turned on display by accident. Since i was constant moving for the whole time, the wobble environment kept the camera on till the battery exhausted.

Anyone else with the battery drain issue? Can anyone try it out for yourself? Because im wondering if its the same behavior on all rx100/cameras of other brand of the similar feature. Hope u share ur finding with me here too. Thanks for reading, sorry for the long post.

Ps: perhaps a hard pouch would solve the issue, but i still wish sony add a display buttonf disable feature is in the next FW.

Sony RX100
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