Canon's new 61 pt AF system (1DX, 5D3) smokes Nikon

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Mikael Risedal
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Re: Canon's new 61 pt AF etc So much BS and ignorance
In reply to papparazzi, Aug 13, 2012

I have shown in the other tread that left AF point is little different, and call it as Lloyd - the D800 D800E has poor autofocus precision is exaggerated.

The other AF points are fine, and good as Canons

Llloyd// The Nikon D800 / D800E autofocus system lacks precision at moderate to far distance

I did not notice that, I had 5dmk3 and d800 side by side.

Lloyd// Today’s tests with my factory serviced D800 and D800E + Nikon AF-S 85mm f/1.4G were a huge disappointment,

HMMMM I just show pictures and they are better from Nikon 85/1,4 and no problem with AF ((except that the left differs)

I think Lloyd has a bad copy of the 85 mm 1,4

I would say that the left AF point are not so bad as

papparazzi wrote:

Mikael Risedal wrote:
how bad the canon are, I use 5dmk2 in my work

You seem to have difficulty understanding the difference between criticism that is justified or not, just now I confirm that there are some anomalies with d800 left AF points
Not a word about Canons AF etc in 5dmk3

rwbaron wrote:

Mick5 wrote:

I use canon and nikon both v nice cameras depend who's behind the camera.

But i've noticed few canon users feels insecure about their gears so they keep trying to compare both cameras rather go out and shoot.

Maybe that's because they have people like Mikael Risedal along with many others constantly posting about how bad their Canon cameras are by comparison. Just like in politics if you repeat something enough times people will believe it to be true (weapons of mass destruction, Saddam Hussein was responsible for 911, don't tax the job creators) when in reality it's not or is of little significance.


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Life is a battle wishes aunt Titti

why did you said you have different findings from digloyd?

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Life is a battle wishes aunt Titti

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