Canon's new 61 pt AF system (1DX, 5D3) smokes Nikon

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Slideshow Bob
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Re: Canon's new 61 pt AF system (1DX, 5D3) smokes Nikon
In reply to rwbaron, Aug 13, 2012

O.k, you've missed the point here, so let me try to make it clearer.

rwbaron wrote:
You guys are like flies on sh!t :D. Thanks for demonstrating my point.

Slideshow Bob wrote:

So it's insecure to refute misleading claims about a product, but not insecure to post misleading claims about a product? Right. You're basically saying that Canon users should be allowed to bash Nikon as much as they like with impunity, but the forum rules specifically state "No bashing". It doesn't say "No bashing unless you're a Canon user". I can't see why that's so hard to understand.

The OP linked a blog from a respected reviewer that had previously panned the 5D3 and now finds fault with the D800 in the same way has Thom Hogan and others. The thread title is incendiary I'll give you that but what in the crux of Lloyd Chambers blog do you find misleading? Does it not relate to Thom Hogan's statement that 6 of 12 D800's he's worked with had AF issues? If people are going to extoll the DR issue in just about every thread then why is the D800's AF issue not fair game too?

I don't have a problem with what Lloyd wrote, other than he described a very specific condition under which a problem occurred with a specific set of lenses. If you are shooting wide open with a f/1.4 prime at 80ft, this may cause a few headaches. But hey, based on what I've read this morning, the fast Canon 50mm prime has almost exactly the same problem! Should we declare the Canon cameras to be defective too? Or should we limit the criticism to the source of the problem?

It's misleading to take a specific issue (which in this case could be caused by lenses) and attribute it to a system.

Yes, it's insecure to monitor a competitive forum to be certain nothing is said that you perceive to be in error. That's why I don't post in the Nikon forum as I don't believe it is fair for me to spout my perceptions about equipment I don't own and have never worked with.

Right, and what have most of the Canonites been spouting in this forum? Yes, you guessed it, their perceptions about equipment they don't own and have never worked with. Why would it be bad for you to do that, bad for the Nikonians to do that, yet you find it perfectly acceptable when the Canonites do it right here, in the Canon forum? Talk about a double standard!

Where did I once "bash" anything? Where did I mention "bashing"?

Never said you did. But you're defending those who do.

You must have missed all the threads boasting the Sony Exmor and Nikon designed sensors DR superiority. Most of us accept and acknowledge this fact but have decided it's not that important to our style of photography. But let someone counter with a thread such as the OP's where he's simply linking statements from a known Nikon supporter about a Nikon camera with AF issues and it brings guys like you and many others out to defend your brand. Why is that? Please explain why you're so sensitive to the notion that a Nikon camera may have a flaw and not be the best in every regard? I see that as insecurity. I know my Canon has limited DR by comparison but I accept that.

Why are you here? Why are you even responding in this thread? Does it bother you that much that the D800 apparently has an AF issue? Why should you care what people reading the Canon forum think? I don't post against BS in the Nikon forum (and I've read a lot) when I see it because I know it's only going be argumentative and non-productive. I don't care either because I'm happy with my chosen brand and how it works for me. Apparently you're not as why else would you be spending time here.

I'm here because the camera that I'm most interested in right now is the 5DIII. Canon's new teles (300, 500, and 600) are very appealing because of their weight, and the 5DIII is the first body from Canon that I really like the look of and could afford. But the D800E is also up for consideration because it's pixel density is pretty handy (probably wouldn't bother with an additional APS-C body), and I'd like to stay in the 14 stop DR club (had 14 stops for 7 years, and I like it!). So it's six of one, half dozen of the other, AFAIC. Mostly comes down to system cost, and right now, Canon is a lot more expensive.

So I'm here trying to soak up as much info (not BS) about the 5DIII as possible. I'm not defending Nikon, because I don't owe that company anything. But if I'm here and someone starts making up extreme BS, I'm liable to call them out. Sorry if that offends you, but there's only so much ridiculously biased crap one can read through. They're just cameras!


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