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I agree with you and Nightwings with regards to the LCD as the sole viewing method.

Even though I have a couple LCD only cams I pretty much despise them for composing. But the newer iphone generation swears by them and they hold the keys to the future. I kind of dislike the EVF as well, but the one on my new X-S1 is pretty awesome. Any EVF is still better than a LCD only for viewing.

No argument there re the EVF being better than an LCD. One thing that is never mentioned is that it is much easier to frame and compose a shot when basically all you are seeing is the shot itself in a black space (the inside of the viewfinder). No, it's not always 100% coverage depending on the camera but it is still infinitely better to 'see' the photo there than it is on the back of a camera being held up in front of you.

And its a Sony where they have a huge brand following like the Canikons.

I don't think so, certainly not in photography. Actually I think Sony's image has begun to pale somewhat. I think they made the best TV', at least when they were CRT's - I have a big one in my basement, I'm the 3rd owner, it still works perfectly, but it's the old squarish format and I don't need it. And in my computer room I'm using a 34" Sony HD widescreen with a CRT - it weighs 180 pounds but what a piece of equipment it is. (I'd still swap it for a big LCD set though.)

Fujifilm could have come out with the identical camera and the sales would pale in comparsion. But that brand loyalty has to be earned and even more important, kept. Actually I own more Panasonic products in my home than any others.

Fuji has gone through a very bad period of terrible quality control issues. Their flagship bridge camera seems to be affllicted with a lens that 'droops' at full tele to where some have remedied the problem by pushing pieces of business card into the barrel to reduce the sloppy tolerance - an unacceptable situation in any camera but in an $800 camera it's ridiculous. I would send such a camera back, not for an exchange but a refund. Two of their other 'premium' models have also had serious functional failures - a sensor problem and aperture diaphragm issues. If I had been a Fuji user it would have put me off them for good.

Panny on the other hand has kept their quality level at the top in every device of theirs I've ever owned. If it says Panny on it, it will work right and it will work forever, IMO.

One thing that beats me on this "brand loyalty" thing is this......

A customer may have a bad experience (or even several bad exepriences) with a certain manufacturer, which, could no doubt put them off buying another product from that manufacturer altogether. However, if that manufacturer then brought to market a product which was universally praised and lauded as being the best thing of it's class by a massive margin, then how many of those "disgruntled" former customers COULD, and perhaps WOULD buy that product.???

I'd wager they'd be buying such a product in their droves.

If it was a Sony you would lose that bet on me, because I'll never buy another Sony no matter how good.

It would have to be some kind of fantastic product for me to consider a Sony. I had worse experience with my Sony items (other than TV's) than with most any other brand.

I think I may need to clarify my point.

I am NOT referring specifically to Sony here, but any manufacturer.

Let's take a look at the X10 for example, a Fuji product. How many bought it and slated it / got rid of it simply because it didn't live up to what they expected it to be / orbs / quality / whatever. Now, numerous people have said that they'd not buy Fuji again, ever. So, what would these people do if fuji brings out an X20, which, once released, tested and bought by many, was found to be a bit groundbreaking, and, simply head and shoulders above the competition within its class, or, even above its class. Do we really believe these people would not go near it, due to their prior decision to "not buy fuji".???

Personally, I don't think so.

People make decisions based on what they feel is the best THEY can get (or afford to get) and also, often on what OTHERS tell them they should get.

The bad experiences of the past are largely soon forgotten if their shiny new product lives up to its billing.

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