Its game over for small sensors

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trevor white
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Re: Same old Sony BS
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Larry Winters wrote:

trevor white wrote:

Larry Winters wrote:

Midwest wrote:

Nightwings wrote:

The RX100 is in completely users like me that rely on a view finder when shooting out doors. I'll take the V1 anyday over the RX100.

Ditto for me. While I'm a Canon dslr user I won't be flocking to this or any camera made by any mfr with just an LCD screen. Okay, it's fine for 'Everyone say 'cheese'!' or 'what a pretty flower' photos, but really now, when framing and composition are important and you don't have all day or multiple opportunities, an LCD is like eating corn on the cob with chopsticks.

I agree with you and Nightwings with regards to the LCD as the sole viewing method.

Even though I have a couple LCD only cams I pretty much despise them for composing. But the newer iphone generation swears by them and they hold the keys to the future. I kind of dislike the EVF as well, but the one on my new X-S1 is pretty awesome. Any EVF is still better than a LCD only for viewing.

I know some people want 'smaller!' or think that 'smaller is better' but for me cameras can be TOO small - not only hard to handle but necessarily lacking decent body controls. For me, that's a lose/lose proposition, at the same price as a useable camera that delivers better IQ and handling.

Definitely too small has become a problem. Thats one thing I don't like about my FZ150 and even the GH1 I tried 2 years ago. The body is just so small that I'm always hitting a button I don't want to and/or it just doesn't feel comfortable. I still like a little heft and size to my cameras. I can actually hold them still a lot easier than when they are too light.

To each their own. I suspect the RX's flash of sales on Amazon is more typical of a new camera, than any indication of finally satisfying a market niche.

And its a Sony where they have a huge brand following like the Canikons. Fujifilm could have come out with the identical camera and the sales would pale in comparsion. But that brand loyalty has to be earned and even more important, kept. Actually I own more Panasonic products in my home than any others.

One thing that beats me on this "brand loyalty" thing is this......

A customer may have a bad experience (or even several bad exepriences) with a certain manufacturer, which, could no doubt put them off buying another product from that manufacturer altogether. However, if that manufacturer then brought to market a product which was universally praised and lauded as being the best thing of it's class by a massive margin, then how many of those "disgruntled" former customers COULD, and perhaps WOULD buy that product.???

I'd wager they'd be buying such a product in their droves.

If it was a Sony you would lose that bet on me, because I'll never buy another Sony no matter how good.


Ah well, some you win.....

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