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Brian D. Schneider
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10 August 2012 5:09PM

Mitt Romney saying, 'I have nothing to do with Bain's management' is like Pablo Escobar saying 'I don't grow coca bushes', both are techinically correct, but somehow miss the point.

Are you still voting Demopublican?

If I lived in the US I'd have to vote democrat even though they're too right wing for me. You know, the old "lesser of 2 evils " thing?

Years ago, when I stopped voting Democrat, the Democrats were far more to the left then they are now - But the handwriting was on the Wall - They were moving to the Right. So I argued, if you want the Democrats to move to the left, then you have to show them that they can't take your vote for granted. Well, they took our votes fro granted, and are now further to the Right then the Republicans of Nixons time. Nixon, yes that Nixon, would be called a Marxist by todays Repubicans, and the Democrats hardly even bother to make a pretense of being Liberal ecept when an election roles around.

Obama is creating a Police State for the benefit of the International Corporate Elite - When are people going to stand up on their hind legs, and say, "No More!?"

RIght - by voting him in for another term...

At least when Mr. Bush was in power, Democrats opposed HIS Police State measures - As they will oppose Romneys - Right now, whatever Obama does is just fine with them.

"Everyone who has ever lived, has lived in Modern Times"

You guys really need a third party.
Brian Schneider

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