Jail time for lying.

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Are you bloody serious?
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Chato wrote:

And I knew about that one. Seems just a bit hypocritical, does it not? When the courts support lies and hypocrisy, is there any hope at all?

If you make "lying" a crime, then you surpress the truth. No one will have the courage to speak the truth, if current opinion is that it's a lie.

Dave, I have no problems telling the truth or refusing to answer if I don't want to tell the truth. Anyone who is otherwise is not fit for public office (among many other things).

If you called out Johns Manscille for poisoning people with Asbestos in 1935, by your theory they should go to jail - The truth about Asbestos was revealed thirty years later.

If Johns Manscille was a public official, he should have taken care with what he said. It takes no great intelligence to say, "I fear that asbestos is harmful, and we should stop using it until we are sure about the effects."

There are too many examples to list.

Go for it.

But yes, it WAS a crime to make the claim that Black People were human beings, and anyone who said that was carted off to jail.

All you have to do is define "Human Being", and if Blacks fit the definition, you are OK. Regardless, this applies only to elected officials.

It WAS a crime to claim that WW I was a plot by WIson to help US manufacturers, and that the war was evil - And anyone who claimed other wise was carted off to jail.

Again, we are talking about elected officials, and any elected official making such a charge that could not prove it should have been jailed.

And it WAS a crime for a member of the CPUSA to deny theywere "agents of a foreign power, and anyone who denied that was carted off to jail.

What I said above.

If you can't learn from the past, might as well toss out all those history books.

I see no problems, whatsoever , with what I'm proposing, and your "counterexamples" do nothing to poke any holes.

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