How can i get this kind of pictures?

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A long lens is all you need.
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Thin_Ice wrote:

How can i take pics that come close to these? My equipment is a modest e420 with double kit zoom and circular polarisation filter. While the kids race in their dinghys, the scenes look like at the olympics. Usually i have to crew the rescue boat. In between swims i am in the middle of the action and have some time to take pictures ( from moving vessel in waves).

Aperture priority f6.3 or shutter speed?

You will find that shutter priority is a good mode to work in. Particularly if you are on a moving chase boat.

14-42 or 40-150? Changing lens is no option. I would opt for the 14-42 + polarisation filter, widangle for startline pics of fleet and 42 mm for action shots. Until now i used the long zoom from the shore...

The longest lens possible is what I'd recommend, so use your 40-150. Don't believe the hype till you try the focal length. You DON'T need wide-open apertures at the longer focal lengths to get this degree of blur that you see in those pics--despite what others have suggested in this thread. I know, because I just discovered myself how HARD it is to AVOID background blur at the longer focal lengths. I was at a 1.4 teleconverted 100mm (so something like 140mm--280mm equiv) for the shot in this thread:

Even stopped down to something like f/22, you can see how quickly things begin to blur just past the point of focus.

BTW, for these shots, I was actually standing quite a far distance away from the two people you see in these shots, and they were, in turn, quite far from the buildings in back. It would be very much like the distances you would face, if your chase boat were several boat lengths behind your kids.

Is MFT better suited for this? For obious reasons (water spray or worse) no 1000 € OMD + 600€ lens, but a el cheapo refurb EPL3 or something...

a tight aperture and/or zone focusing with does have a strong argument in this situation, wrt splashing, & AF distractions. But that too has its challenges.

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