5d Mark III vs T4i [Video only]

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Jon Rty
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Re: A complete answer, with cliff notes
In reply to graphikal, Aug 7, 2012

The words of a liar and a stalker.


Not only did you yourself cross-post to direct readers to this thread after going through the OPs posting history, you also ignored the OPs wishes to such a degree that it sparked him to post this:


You are wrong - you are either misunderstanding me or you are misrepresenting hat I said. "


You're a liar and a stalker, nothing more.

graphikal wrote:

If you were honest (which of course all readers know you're not by now), you'd simply admit it. You followed me here from another thread, troll. Whether or not the OP likes the advice I've given him doesn't relieve you from responsibility.

You've ignored both the OP's situation and hard photographic reality. You've simply ignored photographic evidence posted which showed irrefutably that you're wrong. This isn't argumentation, it's simply trolling.

You obviously have little knowledge when it comes to photography; in my experience trolls like you don't know what they're talking about when they throw around terms such as "signal to noise ratio", etc. What are you, a camera signal processing expert? Shut up and sit down. Or don't-- you provide a rare level of amusement when, for example, you insist that a ten percent difference in linear pixel count means that one cannot directly compare images and draw any conclusions whatsoever.

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