D7k - 17 - 55: Poor AF results

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missed moment.
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I´ll let the more experienced ones elaborate, but.... the red squares only show the AF sensor point you are using. The green dot on the bottom left side of the VF is the Focus Confirmation Dot. If you have the camera set to Release Priority, it will fire even if you don´t have a focus lock (green dot won´t appear).

I am puzzled as to why you are using Release priority. Is there some reason you are not using Focus priority?

Why are you puzzled? AF-C is designed to be used with "release" priority. To change to "focus" priority would limit some of the functionality of using back button focus. Selecting "focus" priority with AF-C will indeed raise the rate of pictures taken with the "green" light....it will also lower the total number of of pictures the user will be able to take even though they would still have been in focus.

From my experience with the D7000, I can't agree with you.

Nothing wrong with that.

I found that using Release priority resulted in many more OOF shots.

Me also, and many more in focus shots as well (talking total numbers in a session)

Who wants that? Eespecially at a wedding or other one time event.

I do....I would much rather have a bunch of out of focus shots to toss, than miss the "moment" just because the green light didn't come on in time.

I have never had the D7000 focus hesitate in good light, even when taking 5 FPS with Focus priority on. The only time I would use Release priority would be as a necessity when shooting high frame rates in dim light, and then I would just be hoping that something would be in focus!

There are many situations that would have not been possible to obtain had the camera been in "focus" priority with AF-C/AF-ON. This shot for instance...the bird was indeed faster that both operator and camera...in good light

At the exact (and only) moment the shutter needed to open, the green light was not on and the focus array was not on target. Luckily I was in "release" priority I have hundreds of in focus shots like this with both bodies...had I stayed with "focus" priority....that number would be far smaller and many missed opportunities. I concede though, there are styles of shooting that can little from "release" priority.

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