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Re: I'm not sure yet
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it's just a grip people. it looks better in person than in pictures and is functional and gives you a better way to hold the camera.
not much different than the grip on a LX5 and such.
until sony designs a built-in one in their next revision, this one is great.

could a chunk of black rubber or silicone stuck on the front work as well?? probably

streamlined, classy or sexy is pretty superficial. until another design comes along that you may or may not like...this will work just fine.

not everyone who likes it is going to give feedback on it. if you like it get it. if not then, then don't....just like everything else

Richard Franiec wrote:

photo perzon wrote:

I’ve been holding the RX100 with the thumb underneath and three fingers on top. Then pressing the shutter with the middle finger, not the index. Confident feeling. Or pinching the camera and using the index finger for the shutter.

The grip looks a little bit like an aid for arthritis holder like, rather than a flair of confidence.

Seeing is believing for some but touching, feeling and actual using create real experience for most people. I respect opinions based on both approaches but always put much more weight to the feedback from actual users.

Every grip from Franiec has been a delight, the S100 is nice and minimalistic, the E-PL3 nice and secure and smaller than this one. I wonder about this one. This 8.5 ounce camera is easily grabbed in the hand with confidence, as the hand closes on it completely. So to carry it around it is fine. I use the wrist wrap too. Then to shoot, there is the index or middle finger options.

Unlike the E-PL3 which looked sporty or the S100 which just enhanced the camera look, this one looks like something made at home. Finished professionally, but the lines are not streamlined, classy or sexy. I have an S100 grip and it still cuts the horizontal line which matches the lens horizontal line on the RX100. Also the S100 grip will protude at the edge. I think a redesign that respects the horizontal line of the camera, which is a thinning line will be more sporty.

I said this a thousand times and I say it again:

Every one of my grips is designed for specific camera model. Development is always based on several factors - effectiveness and integration for given camera body being the most obvious two. To be most effective and comfortable, S finger curve need to extend the split line of RX100. Based on extensive testing of several early prototype versions there is no question about that. Utility is by far the most important concern in my mind and I will never compromise that.

From my experience with all my grips, RX100 grip is the most refined grip to date. Of course, I don't expect that everyone will like or have need for the grip as this is very personal thing. I don't know any product which will satisfy everybody and I take it as a fact of life. I'm sorry that I offended your aesthetic sense to the point of mocking the product.

BTW Steve Huff, who has more experience with using plethora of cameras than most people, has much different opinion from yours about RX100 grip. Feel free to visit his website to find out.



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