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Re: Sorry, excuse me?
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il_alexk wrote:

Raist3d wrote:

We have already discussed that one to great extent in the past. Moreover you are ignoring the many comments made based on sensor size alone the Q got which is what I was referring to.

The plurality of your comments did not make less idiotic the one where you seriously compared Q's high-iso performance with PL2's.

Plurality of comments has nothing to do with what I just said. The discussion with micro 4/3rds was already done and gone and I referred to specific aspects, don't take it out of context.

The point of a set of people brushing out the Q merely for the paper spec of sensor size still stand and would still stand even if the previous point was just as you claimed. They are different points.

I said very clearly, I am not doing that homework for you because it's readily available. Also my claims were not only match but in some cases exceed, as Dxo Mark corroborated with the sensor.

1. DXO has never confirmed your claims of Q's matching or even being close to PL2's or Pen mini's high ISO perfoemance.

And I never made a claim like the one you are just saying. The comparison shot back then with the high ISO of the Pen mini was shot in much brighter light. The Q was shot in abysmally bad light. What I said is that the quality was closer than one may think at first.

Moreover, all the pens, every single one of them out so far have nasty banding once you reach high ISO. If you need for whatever reason push it further good luck. I have found the Q nor K-5 band even when pushed hard. My point was that you can't just write off the Q based on the paper spec of the sensor like he did.

"Yes, I would still expect 4/3rds to pull forward but the difference doesn't seem to be as huge as someone may think."

2. DxO has never confirmed your claims of Q to be at least one stop better than S95
In fact none of your claims were confirmed or exceeded DxO results.

The Q does pull away from the S95 by that amount at the focal length of using the 01 prime. This is not an option for the S95.

There are indeed some. Indeed, the recent comments in the Pentax DSLR forum with a thread on the K-01 idea also brought some Q comments on that end too. Of course, some people seemed rather surprised by some of the photos I have been posting with it, which sort of goes with the mis conception, no?

Were they saying that Q can't match S90/S95/S100 performance?

The particular people in the thread over in the Pentax DSLR (which is what I referred in the paragraph above) haven't said that, but then that's not what I said they were saying.

You repeatedly blame other people on calling Q useless, while many of your posts implied that Q is the only pocketable camera which is not useless for street photography.

That's not true at all! Where did I say that? ... That's a complete baseless lie!

Just do your homework... You'll find it...

Oh you mean like this?


" But I see you have an LX5. So do I. Just because the Pentax Q is a great camera doesn't mean the LX5 is a bad camera.
I wish people at dpreview could understand that concept."

or like this?

" I can tell you right now, the LX5 is great, but it doesn't do the street night life I can do with the Q."

I am not going to waste more time with you. I have never said other cameras are useless for street photography. You are making that up completely. A low life lie.

Really done wasting my time with you. All this time I rather spend it in photography. If you want to compare photographic portfolios any day let me know, because that's in the end what matters and not this stupid bickering with you. Obviously you don't get it nor want to get it - your problem, not mine.

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