G3 RAW and Jpeg processing

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Re: G3 RAW and Jpeg processing
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Unless I'm reading your thread wrong. Seems odd that you can't develop your G3 RAW to JPEG.

Are you absoulutely certain you cannont import your G3 RAW files and convert to JPEG files from the Silkypix SE 3.1 disc that came with your camera?

Or perhaps for now, until your get a new PS, shoot RAW+JPEG?

I just imported 100 RAW files from my new Panasonic GX1 into Silkypix SE 3.1 that was included with the camera, and it imports the RAW files fine. Then the RAW files are adjusted and developed, batch converted, saved as JPEGS and exported out.

Someone mentioned getting LR4, but for now, it will probably not load on your PC XP OS. Until you upgrade your PC to the latest OS. Other trial versions you mentioned probably will not load on Windows XP. Not sure since Im not on a PC, but I think so. I'm sure LR4 PC users will chime in.

Also have your tried using free Picassa from Google? Converts most RAW to JPEG.

My computer is an oldish (5 year) Intel Core Duo iMac, and although it runs slow as molasses, it works with Silkypix and Adobe PSE 10, until I upgrade to a new iMac desktop later this year.

Good luck and let us know how it works out for you.

maggiemole wrote:

Slightly off-topic - apologies, but I don't know a better place to ask this question. I've started saving RAW data with my G3, the first time I've gone this route. I need a RAW processor, obviously, and have been trying out the free/included SilkyPix developer that came with the G3.

It's like treacle on my PC, which is Windows XP SP3, amd doesn't cater for JPGs, only RAW files. So I looked around and am trying to decide between Lightroom 4, keeping to SilkyPix, Corel's Aftershot Pro, and Adobe's Camera RAW. All will need me to buy a new laptop, so I want to be sure to buy the right software and hardware to run it on.

Here's what I find with trial versions:

all 4 of these software packages are seemingly designed primarily for best workflow processing. Which seems to mean for people who take loads of images, and expect to produce loads of output for professional purposes. But I'm just an amateur, I don't take loads of images (except when visiting very special locations, when I might take 1000-2000 in 2 weeks, once a year. Yep, to me that's a lot. And they're not all good ones.)

Camera RAW requires me either to buy Adobe Elements 10, which then limits what the processing will do and doesn't support the Panasonic RAW files my G3 produces. Or to upgrade my Photoshop 7 to full Creative Suite, but that's a sledgehammer to crack my little needs. And an expensive sledgehammer, too.

SilkyPix won't handle my JPGs, and I take maybe 90 percent of my images in JPG. It seems to function OK on RAW files, but the manual is tortuous to find your way around, and I'm quite sure I haven't found how to get the best out of it.

Corel's Aftershot Pro seems the best compromise, in that it will handle both file types, but it runs so slowly on my PC I can't get anywhere near evaluating it properly.

I can't even test Lightroom 4 because it won't run on Windows XP.

So, what's the best software for me? Mostly I just want good noise reduction, highlight and shadow recovery, good sharpening and some colour temperature control, for a small-ish number of shots in either file format. I'm only going to spend computer time on the best shots anyway. I want to print to my Canon printer and/or save in JPG format. Simply.

And what laptop spec do I need to aim at? I'm not going the Mac route. I'm looking at an i5 processor and 8GB of RAM: is this adequate or do I really need an i7 processor? Any other parts of the spec which will be critical?

Thanks for any input!

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