Lightroom 4 Keywords

Started Aug 5, 2012 | Discussions thread
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davidevans1 Senior Member • Posts: 1,274
Lightroom 4 Keywords

Help please!
I've justed started devoting some time to keywording my images.

My images are stored in folders such as '2012-08-05 Blackpool' and these are subfolders under 2012 which in turn is in My Pictures.

I've started by using Ctrl A to highlight all in the library filmstrip, and then entering the keywords for the batch. However I've just realised that this doesn't always seem to work, sometimes it still only keywords the first shot and not the rest! SO FIRST QUESTION IS HOW DO I BATCH KEYWORDS PLEASE? Am I using the recommended workflow using Ctrl A and keywording?

I've also noticed that sometimes keywords have asterics next to them - what does this indicate please?

Next when checking this I was trying to see all the images with a key word, so went to Library Filter, Text and entered the keyword, but then realised that unless I was in the specific folder this didn't work either - I only seemed to be able to search the lower level folder. What am I doing wrong here please?
Any suggestions to make this easier much appreciated.

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