Sales Tax vs. Corporate Tax

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Re: Capitalist economics.
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When I was a kid the minimum wage was a "living wage." Now it barely pays lunch money.

The federal minimum wage was established in 1938 at .25 cents per hour ($2190 annual) average salary in 1938 was about $1700 annual. This law was likely not often adhered to because during the depression because people were willing to work for about any thing they could get(people still concidered work important back then). In the cases that they were adhered to, it would likely have the same effect as all taxes and regulation, "tax,it regulate it and you get less of it. Some "experts" have said that the depression was actually prolonged due to government policies enacted during that time.

In my lifetime I never would have been happy or concidered the minimum wage a "living wage".

You sound like a really nice guy - I don;t mind your politics - Same best wishes!

You too

It's my understanding there were even more loopholes the than now.

Yes and no. Whie there were plenty of loop holes, I would say that the wealthy paid almost their fair share.


Well many say it was a better world then, but with the kind of "legal" tax evasion going on how can you be sure what they actually paid?

Back in the late sixties, tax levels set in the thirties, were unfair to hard working members of the Middle class. Tax levels should be linked to inflations so that situation doesn't occur. I don't mind paying 15 percent . What annoys me (understatement) is that a billionaire pays 15 percent.

Today between my wife and I we make a household income that puts us in a tax bracket of approximately 30%. We are both paid less than the average for our positions. We are not what anyone would concider rich but we certainly make living wages, we are both employees of small businesses. I personally don't want my employer to be forced to pay any more tax for fear that it will make him decide to close the business. I guess, just like the depression, the more things change the more they stay the same eh?

How are we going to have a moidern infrastruture without Income taxes? The Tea party assumes Jesus will do it for us - What about you?

As im sure you know, Jesus talk is strictly forbidden but no, the abolition of the income tax and the institution of a national sales tax(which might provide for some of what you are looking for) along with a slow downsize in federal govt. might work but that might be easy for me to say as I am not as intrested in maintaining the modern federal govt. infrastructure as some are.

Why Capitalism? Why not some other system? If any economic system doesn't "lift all boats," why keep it? Adam SMith is the phiosophical underpinings of Capitalism. It was Smith who coined the expression, "The invisble hand of the Free Market."

Communism doesn't lift all boats it lowers them to the same low level. Free market gives those willing and able to work a fighting chance but there are never ever, in any system, any guarantees.

Up until recently he was quoted by Capitalists on a routine basis. Now, all of a sudden, he's disappeared.

I must have cut that day in school. Again, don't care.

The tax payer pays for Food Stamps. The Tax payer pays for section eight housing. But who really benefits?


Yes, this is why, dispite all the welfare programs, that exist now and forever, there will always be poor. Unfortunate but true. Maybe the answer is more taxes.

Busines is engaged in to make a profit. Whether they pay 35 percent or no percent, they still make that profit. When I had my own plumbing company did I give a sht about what I paid in taxes?

No one is stopping you from paying more if you wish, although I'd recommend charity, they tend to be more efficient.

The definition of Fascism is the merger of Government and Corporations...

Yep and communism is when the government controls everything, in the end the result is the same for ordinary citizens, unless you are a member of the master race(fascism) or one who is more equal(communism).

You cannot "destroy" what you are.

They are not the same, government acts in the name of the "law" corporations don't have that luxury.

Heh, he, heh - Considering that the laws were written by Corporations and Banks?

Yes, yes, what lobbying groups do you contribute to, a large corporation is nothing more that a lobbying group as far as the govt cares.

Subprime loans were illegal thirty years ago. Turnrng mortgages and credit card loans into Bonds was illegal thirty years ago. Heck, if the Mafia loanc sharking was "legal," The Mafia would be happy to collect by going to court instead of breaking peoples legs.

The banks were just a lobbying group. I.e. they had to buy off congress. But it is true that money is power. The gold standard might help here.

Basically true. But with plenty of exceptions. A country like Sweden has more individual liberty then we do.

Just wait a while.

Ya think? They['ve had the same system for 80 years. Even lost the last elections...

England has existed for more than a thousand years and has gone through long periods of both relative freedom and oppression.

Socialist dictatorships worked on the principle, "that you lead a horse to water, and it doesn't drink, you beat it to death."

True, submission is the goal.

Democratic Socialism demands that you lead by example, and if you screw up, you lose power.

As I said before, government is a necessary evil. I recommend not putting your faith in any of them no matter how wonderful they may seem to be.

Government by definition operates as an "oppresive" force. Whatever the economic system, sooner or later ALL dictatorships are indistinguisable from another. China WAS a Communiast Dictatorship, and is NOW a Fascist Dictatorship. Who noticed?

I think that's what I've been saying. I did.

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