Is The IRS Going After Romney For Crimes & Not Paying USA Federal Taxes??

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Henry Schobin wrote:

mamallama wrote:

WoodMaven wrote:

mamallama wrote:

It's a tactic called, "smoking out the rabbit". When you go rabbit hunting you blow smoke in one rabbit hole and see the rabbits come out their other connected holes.

Here in Colorado it's prairie dogs.

It is no different than the Birthers and Donald Trump did to get Obama to release his long form birth certificate. Why is it bad when the Democrats do it?

The difference is that in the case of Obama's records we will NEVER see them. Not school transcripts, not a "real" birth certificate, not NOTHIN'. The reason is probably that it would show he's gone to school as a foreigner, specifically Indonesian. If he has dual citizenship, it casts a pall of dishonesty on his run for office. Since he won't show them he MUST be hiding something, right?

In the case of Romney's tax returns - they are in the system. They will eventually come to light. Reid will eventually be shown for the lying rat he is. He, along with Nancy and Obama is the TRUE axis of evil.

And you say you believe Obama was born in Hawaii so why is his birth certificate NOT in the system? Isn't Hawaii part of the system?

Really? Lying? All Harry Reid said is that he heard ..... So if he heard how can he be lying? Smart people have a way of saying things in this "smoke out the rabbit" tactic. You need to learn it.

WM obviously knows about the tactics lies. harry also knows that the dem base is not smart and will take the tactic lie and run with will the MSM.

If a GOP candidate tried to get away with a "I heard" statement, the MSM would be all over him/her........dems get a pass from the MSM - that's why we have a president today that was never vetted by the MSM.

How little you know or remember. I think the GOP carried on for years about some "I heard" testimony from someone in Kenya who was paid to pretend to be Obama's grandmother.

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