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Great Bustard wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

Now, you know me -- I would be sympathetic to a God that valued "entertainment".

How about this for a piece of 'entertainment'. Take your most loyal and faithful follower. Then tell him that if he loves you, he'll kill his only son to show how much he does. Do his head in until he actually tries to do it, then just before the knife goes in, say you were only joking. Entertainment of the highest quality.

...has even that beat. It goes like this:

Satan and God run into one another.
"Satan, where've you been?" God asks.
"Just chillin'," he replies.
"Cool. Have you seen my people? They love me!"
"Well, that's only 'cause if they don't, you'll fvck them over."
"You lie. They'll love me no matter what. Check out Job, for instance."
"Let's test that out. Give me control for a bit, and we'll see."
"You're on. You can't kill Job, though."

So, Satan starts making Job's life miserable. Job, bummed, wonders why this is happening to him, but remains faithful to God throughout.

Upping the ante, Satan wipes out his livestock. Job won't turn. He kills Job's family. Job still loves God. In exasperation, Satan gives up.

"OK, God, I lose. You were right -- that nutjob still loves you."
"Told ya."
"Well, gotta go. See ya around."

It needs to be a movie. It really does.

As I pointed out below, it's been a TV series - the Sopranos.

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