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Re: Let me pose a question to the 'faithful'
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Great Bustard wrote:

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ljfinger wrote:

The odds of this being a coincidence are so infinitesimal, that it's essentially impossible that this happened by mere chance. So, either evolution did it, or something that looks exactly like evolution did it.

One could always call the thing that looks exactly like evolution 'god' and worship it, but then one might wonder why a process would want to be worshipped. On the other hand, one might wonder why any 'god' would want to be worshipped, unless it had a really bad self-esteem problem.

Let's say my kids, who I love more than life itself, refused to acknowledge me as their father. For sure, that would hurt me deeply. But what kind of POS would wish harm on their kids because of that, much less inflict the harm himself?

The same kind of POS that would turn his kids out of his home for tasting a piece of fruit he'd told them not to?

Why is it that the "faithful" revel in the thought that non-believers will go to Hell, regardless of how they lived their lives?

It's called 'denial', because by all accounts Hell is where the best parties are.

So, here's my question to the "faithful". We have two people. Person A is a practicing homosexual atheist, that, if people didn't know any better, was a Mother Theresa wannabe.

Person B is a "bible-thumper", beats their kids for any transgression (firmly believe in "spare the rod, spoil the child"), and simply isn't very nice at all. But she goes to Church every Sunday without fail, and prays every day.

Who gets into heaven?

The right answer is 'neither'.

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