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Re: Don't take chances- you shoot professionally
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imac2001 wrote:

Not a true statement. It was a statement I made without having shot with a D300. The sensor in the D7000 is better, but Mako, you have to admit it is absurd the lengths you have had to go to try to explain how it works.

It has been a tough camera for many to get the most AF capability out of. It was a significant change from the D90 it replaced. But it brought D300 AF capability to that consumer price point. I still submit, regards AF, it is far more capable than a D90 and just as accurate and capable as a D300. It will not be as good as a D400 or D7100....of that I'm sure. And first run users of any brand/model are taking a risk.

I appreciate everything you do here, and you are helpful- unlike others.

Thanks, I need to keep that in mind and remember to try and continue. Appreciate you keeping me in my place. Good Luck....D400, where are you

Mako2011 wrote:

imac2001 wrote:

Let me start by saying I have owned a D200, a D7000, and now a D300. I am definitely a Nikon fan.

Having said that, the D300 is worlds better in the AF department. It frankly never seems to miss. On the other hand, several posters here will tell you that the learning curve is steep with the D7000. People have literally written enough pages to fill books here in order to explain the system to novices. If you aren't lucky, you will have a lot of trouble, and if you have trouble, people here will blame you and make you suffer through hundreds of AF tests until they are satisfied that you are just a noob that can't handle the complex D7000.

Computers exist in order to make complex tasks easier, and you shouldn't have to acquire knowledge about how a system works beyond reading the manual.

There have never been many complaints about the D300 because you can trust it to work. From where you are coming from (d200) the leap in high ISO is enough. I shoot mine at 3200 when needed. Even better the D300 is cheaper:

$749 manufacturer refurbished at The Shutterbug in Oregon. Google it.

When you sold your D7000 you stated " ..........You can't go wrong with this awesome camera. It is the best Nikon currently makes in DX format."

That really is still a true statement.

Many have found the D7K AF to actually be more capable than the D300 AF system (current state of the tech vs year ago experiences) There are almost no new reports of any D7K AF problems over the last 8 months. Initial run problems seem to have been solved. The OP seems to want the best low light capability he can get in JPEG only sports shooting...in DX that would be shooting the D7K or a FF body option. Currently, a D300 would be a step backward except in build quality (from the D7K/FF option). The step back though would be a very small one so if significant money could be saved, it might be an option. The OP seems to be looking for a long term option so I would shy away from used for that reason. I would also shy away from first run options like the D800.

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