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I must have mis-read I thought the OP was asking why one "might" want to use RAW + JPG not the best reasons.

Mako2011 wrote:

RJNedimyer wrote:

RAW plus JPEG has several uses that I know of:

1. It can be used as an emergency back up if sent to different locations i.e. RAW's to" C" drive to be worked on and the JPEG's to a back up.

When I go from SD card to computer one copy goes to primary drive and one to backup drive automatically. A jpeg backup to a RAW file is crippling (compared to having the original RAW) if you actually need to use the backup if primary failed.

Please note this was not an endorsement; however, your view seems slightly narrow on this and other reasons, this is not to critize but to indicate that just because you have found a better work flow for you and even if I agree that does not mean it will work for all, all the time. I currently shoot almost always only RAW and do as you do but not all can and please do not assume all can afford to go top methods all the time just because this and that are now comparitively cheap here but maybe not there or cheap enough for all.

2. Late last evening I took about 50 head shots that have to be printed and delivered today [not a great deal but with a full day of other work scheduled today it is a pain] Shooting RAW it took only took 7 extra minutes over JPEG; however, had it been 500 photos that could have been over an hour difference.

Using batch convert to JPEG from RAW is extremely fast and can be commanded to execute in less than a minute (folder...select all...convert) ...then get coffee as batch completes.

Sorry! I am not familiar with Simple convert programs. So, what quality do they produce? What settings do they use ? and do they keep the camera settings or work independent of some of the camera settings? If they work well and are fast enough perhaps I will not use RAW + Jpeg again even for the very short dead line jobs. PS the only programs I knew of simply pulled a small medium grade internal JPEG from the RAW file. I will do some research!

So, by shooting Raw+Jpeg if the JPEG's are good enough you're done. IF some of the JPEG's have problems you are ready with RAW.

When you need the backup...months down the road, you may find too late that the Jpeg really wasn't good enough. Backup the RAW!

Remember my first answer and Sorry, but that has nothing with getting a mess of photos out quickly and having a few that need special treatment. This is when your RAW+ JPEG shines.

3. It is a good teachong aide so you can compare what you get in PP compared with the camera.

Still don't understand this one as my software shows exactly what the in camera JPEG would have looked like with just the RAW.

Not all software does that and for most JPEG is still faster to view if you are looking at hundreds of photos on a short time line.

In other words sometimesJPEG is best; most of the time RAW is best the rest of the time a combination is best.

Additionally, some do culling [sorting the wheat from the chaff], with JPEG's as with some programs it is faster.

Perhaps, but now you have to do your culling to both the JPEG folder and the Raw folder. Seems you've added extra work when you could have culled the raw files only then copied to backup drive.

Although, true again there are differing methods that work better in some systems and I was not arguing which system is best but leaving options for the OP and giving examples of what I've seen done in the past as they still might be useful for others.

BTW Years ago my main photoediting program was not set up to cull easily so I used a program that could not show RAW and would use a combination of several programs to cull. Agreed a pain but it was better than the alternatives at the time.

If I have thousands of photos to cull I use Faststone [ http://www.faststone.org/] as it shows JPEG, RAW and others si for me it is fast easy and has many optons.

[NOTE: I save all photos except total wipe outs like accidental grass shots, total blluurrs,s and something that might occurr as I shoot like a bridesmaid losing some clothing she did not want to durring a dance, ...]

I am sure there are other reasons to shoot both.

The home office needs them now and your conversion software isn't available.

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