What was it that made you jump up to a DSLR?

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Funny you should mention ergonomics...

The 7D is a very nice camera but after literally years of "learning" how to hold Nikon bodies, I needed to spend quite a bit of time re-training my right hand to a) avoid getting a blister on the inside knuckle of my middle finger from the ridge under the top of the grip, and b) to reach in the opposite direction when going for the front control wheel. On Canons it's behind the shutter button so I have to move my index finger, on Nikons it's in front, so you can keep your finger on the button and operate the wheel with your middle finger (at least that's how I've always done it). Believe me, that took longer than I expected, and for a while I wasn't sure if I'd ever get used to the new grip and just have to wear a band-aid on that finger! (I did get the hang of it though)

But the 5DIII is a different story... it's only about 3mm taller than the 7D, but that's enough (along with a less aggressively-contoured finger scoop on the grip) to make it fit like an absolute glove! It just feels wonderful in the hand. One difference that I don't see mentioned much is that the CF card door is covered in the same kind of textured rubber as the other parts of the camera, making for a more secure feel and like it's more of a single piece. Once you get used to it, going back to a body with a bare card door is really noticeable. After a while with the 5DIII, the D700 (which I loved) felt much more angular and "mechanical" by comparison. One thing that still bugs me is that they changed the image review buttons and magnification setup between the 7D and the 5DIII. That's a real PITA when swapping between cameras.

You're dead right about the bank balance, though I'm just a hobbyist and the closest I ever came to a photographic "job" was shooting production stills for a senior film project in college (which I did for free, like everyone else involved). Otherwise I'd just keep the D700 "for old times' sake"


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