Olympus OMD or Canon 650D

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Chris R-UK wrote:

There are reviews of both cameras on this site which will enable you to do comparisons of noise, colour accuracy and JPEG quality. Quite frankly both of these camera will be fine for most of the things that you want to shoot.

The big differences between the two are (1) size and (2) suitability for sports.

The OM-D is significantly smaller than the 650D as you probably already know. The lenses are also smaller, sometimes very much smaller (e.g. the 20mm f1.7 and the 45mm f1.8).

The main disadvantages of the OM-D for sports, especially indoor sports like badminton, are:

  • Contrast detection AF systems are very bad at continuous focusing. This is a real problem if you need to track a player and then take a series of fast shots.

for the 650 d to outperform the om-d, the OP would need to invest in a decent INTERNAL usm telephoto. the 75-300 canon lens focuses very slow on pretty much every body as an example, slower than the 40-150 olympus.

  • The EVF on the OM-D may black out (or show a review of the last image shot) at higher fps rates - check the review on this site and ask in the Micro Four Thirds forum.

only true if you still have review on. when shooting sports, review after the shot should be disabled. i believe the 650d has similiar quirks if using live view for continuous

  • There are a limited number of lenses available for M4/3 which are suitable for indoor sports and most of them are very expensive. If you are close to the court you may be able to use the 45mm f1.8.

for indoor basketball at court level you use everything from 16mm to 200mm. unless the op plans to buy 2 bodies he is likely to just use telephoto, and unless he's going to spend money on L telephotos he's likely to get similiar performance in both cameras as the pdaf in the 650d isn't any better than the cdaf on the om-d without L lenses f/4 or faster.

for soccer - which is a HUGE field - you need 500mm+, and the panasonic 100-300 at 499.99 is a steal. also if the op wants to start out with an all in one lens, the olympus 14-150 urinates all over the tamron and sigma 28-300's quality wise.

Otherwise you will need the 75mm f1.8 and/or the new Panasonic 30-100 f2.8, either of which will cost you much more than the body. For the Canon you have the options of the Canon 50mm f1.8, the Canon 85mm f1.8 and the 70-200 f2.8 lenses made by Sigma and Tamron as well as more expensive Canon zooms.

the tamron 70-200 2.8 costs the same as that 75mm 1.8. the 30-100 2.8 has no pricing yet but if they stay with the pricing scheme of the 12-35, can be up to 1000 less than the canon 70-200 2.8. the canon 50mm 1.8 is a terribly slow focusing lens it's not ring style USM which is why it's so cheap. the 85mm 1.8 is not bad and can be had used for 250 easy, but i went through 4 copies in 8 years and all 4 copies had severe focus issues, 2 of them right out of the box. all 4 had to be calibrated with my bodies which required me to send back the lens and all 3 of my 20d bodies. this is a hassle that you don't have with the m43 as even with their lowest end bodies there have been zero reports of focus inaccuracies across the system.

if the op wants to concentrate on sports, or had suggested the 7d instead of the 650d it would be a no brainer. but 650d or om-d you really can't go wrong with either choice.

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Chris R

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