We are being run by sociopaths!

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Pretty much.
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28to70 wrote:

Led By Freaks: Celente also describes how the United States of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson ended up led by freaks, just as the Germany of Bach, Beethoven, Goethe, and Einstein and the Italy of Michelangelo, DaVinci, and Galileo ended up led by Hitler and Mussolini:

“Then there is America. No shortage of great people past and present. How could they let two-bit freaks lead and destroy them? Clinton, Bush, Cheney, Obama, Romney? To me it’s all a two-bit freak show. Look around the world: Blair, Cameron, Rajoy, Netanyahu, Merkel, Monti, Berlusconi, Sarkozy, Hollande … name your country, pick your poison: president, prime minister, chancellor … all, in my eyes, two-bit freaks.”

“And they’re dangerous. They start wars, kill millions, destroy nations. They steal your money and give it to their friends. And with little resistance, and sometimes none at all, the people let them do it. In fact, not only do the people let them do it, they argue among themselves why their freak is better than the other freak. They will get angry with you if you call their freak a freak. They will actually fight and die to defend their freaks.”

But you presume that the "leaders" are whacked and the population isn't. There is enough of the population that is as whacked as the "leaders", that the phrase "people get the government they deserve" appears to have merit.

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