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You obvously don't suffer from paranoia, but you should.....
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TrapperJohn wrote:

Panasonic and Olympus own the M43 specification, patents, and copyrights. No one can make a M43 lens (well, one that AF's) or body without their approval. Apparently, they aren't giving that approval out to anyone but a select few lensmakers.

A logical entry would have been Pentax. Good enough to make some killer M43 pancakes, but not so large that it threatens either M43 member. Pentax missed an opportunity to sell some fine lenses, and O/P missed an opportuinty to add credibility to M43 with another longstanding photo company, but without threatening either manufacturer.

Nor does Panasonic own M43. Oly blew them off on the second rate sensors that were hamstringing the Pens. Four months after its release, and the EM5 is finally getting off of backorder. That speaks for itself. This can help even the diehard Panasonic fans, by getting Panny off their lazy duff and upping their sensor game.

A Leica body brings nothing but a high price. That was tried with 4/3: the Leica Digilux 3 was a rebranded Panny L1 with a few improvements and a huge leap in price. Digilux 3's still command a hefty price on the used market, which should tell you something about the perceived value of a red dot, because that's about all you're getting over an L1.

Canon needs to up it's sensor game. They were the tops, a few years ago. Canon wouldn't have gone with M43, even if O/P would have let them, for corporate prestige alone. To admit that it was outdone by two minor players in photography... no way they would do that. I tend to think their mirrorless offering is more to convince the Canon faithful that mirrorless isn't that good.

In any case, M43 has more diversity in bodies and glass than the rest of the mirrorless brands, put together, and both companies are hard at work pushing it further.

I hear everything you are saying, but there is on word ringing in my ears , well two words really:

Half frame.

That's right, half-frame.

Oly owned the half frame world 50 years ago.

It was great system, other manufacturers (e.g Petrie, Roelli, etc.) followed. It made tremedous sense for amature photographers. Good image quality, extensive system, excellent lenses (sound familiar? ).

And then one day......

it was gone.

All gone.


I am afraid.

It's hard to argue with success.

See above.


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