Mitt Romney Aide Tells Reporters In Poland to 'Kiss My A**'

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Re: Mitt Romney Aide Tells Reporters In Poland to 'Kiss My A**'
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NikonScavenger wrote:

mamallama wrote:

NikonScavenger wrote:

mamallama wrote:

NikonScavenger wrote:

This happened at the tomb of the unknown soldier in Warsaw when reporters were mobbing Romney, instead of observing proper decorum. For anyone who doesn't know, it's like Ground Zero for the Polish people, just multiplied by 100.

The retard liberal press, including NYT and CNN, should have listened to the Romney aide and kissed his a@@ and buggered off.

However, the Romney aid, Gorka, later called the two reporters to apologize, saying that his behavior was "inappropriate".

Obviously. Every left leaning blog, CNN, NYT, etc. are heralding this incident as proof positive of the failure of Romney's trip abroad and a general failure in diplomacy.

By dissing the media, Gorka gave the left press more fodder to distract away from the message of Romney's trip.

And what do you think the message of his trip was? And did Romney pull it off successfully? Or did his gaffes get in the way? If he allowed his gaffes to take center stage, he failed in his message.

This "playing the victim role" is unbecoming to anyone who wants to be POTUS.

Obama fails to recognize Jerusalem, bows to Saudi princes, doesn't know where Georgia is, calls every podunk nation out there "our biggest ally," and how "they're punching above their weight class," disses the Dalai Lama, can't tell the difference between Britain and England, smacks gum at summits of international leaders, insults Nethanyahu into an open mic, promises to be more friendly to Putin after he gets re-elected (also into an open mic), gives the Queen of England an iPod, apologizes for America being a superpower...

Can't have any more of a disaster unless people start throwing shoes at him.

Don't forget that his muscle memory (It's Bush's fault) is so deeply ingrained that he was unable to avoid insulting George Bush to his face during a White House ceremony to commemorate the new official portraits of George and Laura Bush. He probably didn't mean it, but it's just on autopilot now. He probably can't say, "Pass the salt" without mentioning something about "got us into this mess in the first place."

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