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In reply to MouraPhoto, Jul 30, 2012

MouraPhoto wrote:

I do know how the site looks like now, so that screenshot was really not needed (neither were the red questions marks).

Well it was needed at the time of posting it, since it was before RaptorUK pointed you to google's cache. Red question marks added in case you didn't see what I was trying to point out.

But the description was changed, I'm sorry.

You are as mistaken as you would be if you claimed that it is currently 2020 AD (pun intended - 20/20 - vision related - get it? ;))

I know this, because when we last disagreed about this....

Have you read any of my responses over this, especially about how odd it would seem if what you claim was true and yet I have not mentioned anything about being dissapointed stemming from a failure to "mimic" HCB?

I went back to the challenge description to be sure of what was written there, and only then did I wrote my reply to you...

So then, your arguments against me were written under false pretenses from the start. Nice. Real nice. Hope you "man up" and make a few retractions.

again, fact checking is what I do on a daily basis as part of my job

Good thing I'm not your boss. I'd demote you.

How does your (repeated) pointing out your line of work qualify you in any way in this thread btw?

So, yes it was changed

Sigh. No. It wasn't.

I'm not saying by you

Definitely not by me.

but someone did.

Nope. Nobody did.

It was also much longer

Nope. Wasn't. Fact.

and didn'te include you as a host

+1 ... got that one right.

which it does now (and I'm usre you'll comfirm that you were not a host of this challenge).


And this matters, because though I do enjoy a good conversation, I don't enjoy being arsed around by people who just want to win an argument.

You see, here's where you're busted. I'm not here to win ANY argument, I've numerously stated I'm always learning something, I've numerously stated I can respect an opposing view, I've even suggested that we basically agree to disagree. Yet you are treating this whole thing as an argument which can only have one winner emerging, and you really really want that winner to be you.

And I'm not dragging anywhere where you haven't already dragged yourself

I strongly... no wait... vehemently disagree. You've been dragging me places by reinterpreting a lot of what I wrote, veering into side arguments, challenging me on "style" when I never brought it up, and more, and ultimately over this asinine issue over the supposed manipulation of the description and rules of this challenge. Was it me who dragged us into all this? Puhleez!

and if you're engaging in this conversation with any sort of good faith, then you'll want to know if the description was changed or not.

No, I do NOT want to know the truth about the description. I already know the truth and will not somehow "meet you halfway" over it by saying, "yeah well, maybe something did happen".... it didn't. The description did NOT change. The font color did not change. If you want to continue doing "fact checking", be my guest. Perhaps you'll even find a sneaky way to be "right".

As Chato would say (if he were the least bit objective and also not always sticking his foot in his mouth over trying to be "right").......... ABSURD.

edit: in case something appears "fishy" over editing my own post: I quoted my own reply by mistake.
~ Martin

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