Just did a wedding for high end clients

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Re: the rich are different

True to a certain extent.

However many 'not so rich' clients are also educated enough on "VALUE" And even if the price may seem high compared to how they look at money and their incomes not all non rich clients lack in seeing value.

I'm certainly not rich and I too have fallen prey to thinking only price on things I've bought and services I've used in life but I too can see and be educated to see value.

As long as fair to good value can be fairly demonstrated or shown then I may very well and will say many other regular types choose value over price.

No matter what though, we can't and will not book all possible clients. In reality if you can secure enough business from 30-40% of all potential clients you may encounter ( that's right up to 2 out of 3 will not do business with you) and meet then you should be having enough warm bodies to keep your doors open. That is unless you are basically giving your work and self away. Then it matters not if you convert 30% or even 100% of potential clients into sales, you will burnout and grow discouraged at lack of real income at best or even still go broke at worse.

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