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Re: You're a sandbagger..happy?
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My last comment was a bit tongue-in-cheek on purpose, to get you raced up, which you readily did. Sorry for that! I didn't mean that you were one to carry an arsenal of gear, how could I know that really. My point was to, quite tongue-in-cheekily, emphasize that often, the people that appear more knowledgeable are often times the people who are more equivocated about what they are trying to claim authority on. And I'm sorry to say, but your most recent comments appear to reveal just that. You don't seem to fully understand what composition is, and when called on it you kind of do a double twist to try and go around the issue (same with the rule of thirds, I mean, either the photo follow the rule of thirds or it doesn't; it doesn't count to say that what you meant was what most of the others - which ones? - think of as rule of the thirds - which is?). This is not bashing, it's just (and I said this before) that it's a bit disappointing to realize that you are not as knowledgeable as your strong attitude suggests, and that just exacerbates the wrongs in your voting pattern (which, by the way, the host of these challenges was fine when you did it, but is not fine in other of his challenges).

mschf wrote:

Ahh, I see... we're all bashing now. Expected. Post your dozen images, challenge accepted. And you'd be correct in saying I may not recognize one of HCB's own, so that ought to entice you. I fail to see the value in rating an image poorly though, if, for all intents and purposes, an HCB shot that can't be found on the net would suggest the image is in fact, a poor one. And btw, I do think one or two HCB photos are not too great. And so? What of it?

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