Moire: is this a big Fuji S2 problem? Prevention? Cure?

Started Jan 19, 2003 | Discussions thread
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Greta Heintz
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Moire: is this a big Fuji S2 problem? Prevention? Cure?

OK. I already DID read as many old postings as I could find on this topic bu still need to know more.

One person posted in the past that he uses Quantum Mechanics Pro to cure moire. Know where I can get that?

Another person said they go to this linK

to download an add-on to PhotoShop to remove moire. Thanks for the ideas I will try these.

However, I would really like to know if MOIRE is a huge Fuji S2 Pro problem. I photographed a 2-day wedding yesterday and today as a second shooter and had a HORRIBLE problem with moire on the groom's suit and on the shirts of 2 guests. There were big blue and pink rainbow patterns on his jacket on at least half of the shots I took...LOTS AND LOTS. The other photographer shooting Canon D60 did not seem to have this problem. Is this Fuji's achilles heel? I have a second Fuji S2 on backorder. Should I be cancelling the order and buying Nikon D100 instead???

Is there a way to PREVENT moire at capture?

Any other ideas on removal?

I HAVE had some great images on my Fuji S2 Pro but have not used it heavily until now. The color is great. Sharpness is great. Still this moire is really nasty.


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