1DX Photographic Dynamic Range and Read Noise available

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Re: 1DX Photographic Dynamic Range and Read Noise available
In reply to Mikael Risedal, Jul 29, 2012

Mikael Risedal wrote:

better in read noise than d4 ? d4 read noise = 2,3-2,8 e above 1600 iso and d4 = QE 53%
How low read noise then?

Two ways of looking at it.

  1. 1DIV is about the best yet at around 1.5 e-, maybe they've used that design.

  2. D4 has a saturation of 500 e- at 25k ISO with a QE of 53% at 16MP. 5DIII has QE of 50%, lets assume same for 1D X. That would give it a saturation of (500*50*16)/(53*18) = 415 e-. Bill is getting 54 ADU at 25k ISO, so this corresponds to 54*415/15000 e- = 1.5 e-. Very rough (haven't bothered to find out what the black level actually is).

This does correspond with a theory of mine, that the geometry of the old fab line prevents it getting below about 2.5 e-, while the newer one can get down to 1.5 or less. I speculated before that the high volume 5DIII would be on the old line, since its sensor size and volume would eat up new line capacity, while the much smaller volume of the 1D X might allow it to be made on the newer line, without eating up too many APS-C and S100 sensor capacity.

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