A57 vs 7D IQ

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Re: A57 vs 7D IQ
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HTP was off, aperture setting is visible from exif information isn't it?

Picture style was default on Sony and "faithful" on Canon with sharpening set to 3.
But since I shot in RAW I doubt picture style has any effect.

Not sure about "parameters read by iPhoto" but I can try to do RAW processing in Canon native software, though frankly I doubt I will see much difference.

TTMartin wrote:
There are so many variables that apply when shooting the 7D.

What picture style did you use? What is the equivelent on the Sony? Is that what you were using for both cameras?

What parameters does iPhoto read? Does it read the cameras settings for sharpening? What was the sharpening setting on the 7D? What was the setting on the Sony?
Also what were the aperture settings on both lenses?
Was HTP on in the 7D?

Until you know the answers to all those questions you really aren't comparing anything.

FWIW the Canon's 50mm f/1.8 is also sharper than the 50mm f/1.4, but, I don't think that was the issue here.

A low contrast shot like that is typical of a camera set up to maximize dynamic range.

Word of advice, stop hanging out in the Sony forum, and spend that time shooting pictures.

hooch888 wrote:

Had a chance to compare both cameras, found them mostly equal in IQ, but one case I struggle to understand - I shot a framed painting with A57 and 7D at 3200 ISO and A57 wins hands down in contrast, details and sharpness looking at 100%. Used 50mm 1.4 on Canon and 50mm 1.8 (much cheaper lens) on A57.
Shot as RAW converted to Jpeg in iPhoto using default settings.

Looking for comments which would help me to understand why a budget Sony camera beats high end Canon?
Pics: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4ukftzs1girjzcn/IpRT8TT9xF

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