Your second half of 2012 Ricoh prediction

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Tom Caldwell
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Re: Your second half of 2012 Ricoh prediction
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Why a B&W GRD? This has to be a niche that is so small that it would take an electron microscope to find and so exclusive that even Leica might struggle to sell more than double digit numbers. I guess that for Leica they are very exclusive in that area and the price per unit will allow a profit on every one sold no matter how few. I would like a B&W GRD myself but I am not nearly as sure that I would commit myself to "affording" one if they were available. After all I am still happily using my GRDIII and have not upgraded to the "IV".

Besides, is this wunderkind going to be something that is upgraded from time to time - say bi-annually - and we will all troop up to buy another upgrade and perhaps parallel it to a nice new "regular" GRD at the same time? Even if the B&W GRD was an "alternative purchase" rather than an "additional purchase" to the existing one in the rack of cameras it would certainly split the GRD market and neither model might make viable sales levels.

If B&W only is even a remote possibility then it makes more sense as a GXR mount module. An A16 B&W LM mount module might be one of my wild cards from a fistful of them. At least Ricoh could sell them ex-warehouse stock for the next 10 years without jeopardising a whole model line. It could be relatively easy to introduce considering that the existing A12 mount has dealt with the manufacturing and tooling problems. With a bit of design and a suitable sensor modification Ricoh could have a second mount module to market with much less risk. Might sell to those that are impressed with the A16 and a second mount module would not faze existing A12 mount owners that much. Much less design problems than a FF mount module.

Real life prediction? Phasing out of the CX and replacing it with a Q mount camera with a larger sensor - think close to GRD is build quality and maybe two GR prime lenses from Ricoh special lens works. Rebadged Pentax Q mount lenses in Ricoh livery to give zoom, etc for those that need more choice.

Note I said "larger sensor" - not sure just how large the Q mount might be able to deal with. But in any case a real move to shake off the Q mount "tiny sensor" put down.

What this mens for the GRDV might depend on how well the CQ might light up the market.

Unless of course it is the GRD that goes Q mount. But my pure guess might be that he GRD is left well alone and the CQ might be supplemented by a Q mount module on the GXR with a significantly larger sensor whether it be 1" or even larger.

This prediction of course might see Pentax dropping the Q line of camera which would be reworked more up market as a Ricoh niche product and thus leaving Pentax to concentrate more on mainstream lines that might even make their way into the shops - on shelves no less.

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