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Trick for changing ISO with one hand in M mode

Janet Zinn wrote:

Primeshooter, nothing happens...because for each mode, it uses the opposing dial. I.e, for Aperture priority, you still use the front command dial for Aperture, but the rear dial controls ISO. In shutter priority, since you use the rear dial to control shutter, the front dial controls ISO. Of course, in manual, the easy ISO has no effect, and the dials work as normal.

As you indicated Easy ISO works for all modes except Manual since that mode uses both dials to control exposure (shutter speed/aperture). In Manual you have to use the ISO button, which unfortunately then requires using both hands due to the unfortunate placement of the ISO button on the left side of the camera. Here's a trick/hack to get ISO control in M mode with just your right hand:

  • Set your shooting mode to Manual

  • Set ISO sensitivity control to AUTO (in shooting menu), set your minimum shutter speed. Note a shortcut for toggling Auto ISO is to hold the ISO button down and then turn the front control dial

  • Set your shutter speed to match what you configured your Auto ISO minimum shutter speed

  • To change the ISO, hold down the exposure compensation button (top of camera) and spin the rear control dial. This will apply exposure compensation in M mode, which for Auto ISO means an adjustment to the ISO for your configured minimum shutter speed.

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