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WirenL wrote:

I have never seen anybody using the other brands.. Nik or Pany mirrorless cams, not a one and I try to look out for them. Every person I see with a camera, I like to look at what's being used.... and mostly it's p&s's or folks with DSLR rigs they rarely use, you

I've followed people around museums and other tourist spots to the point where they'd give me a look that said, "If you keep follwing me around I'm going to call security!" when all I was doing was trying to find out what camera and lens they were shooting.

Your story of the lady with the Canon reminded me of a photography class I took waaaay back in the early 70's. At the time I had a Topcon RE Super (the "Nikon F" of its day) and a couple of top-cabin Topcor lenses (the Tokyo Optical Co is still going today, although they abandoned the camera/lens business long ago). I was loaded for bear, as they say, ready to put my name along side the other photo greats of the day. On the first day of class our instructor said, "I see that some of you have top-grade equipment, while others have something less... I'm here to tell you that each and every one of you can be the very best photographer in this class, and here's why: Good equipment is nice, but there are really only three important things in photography, and they are content, content, and content." I've never forgotten those words of wisdom.

If anyone is missing the point, just go down to any second hand store and thumb through the pages of the National Geographic magazines from the 60's, 70's or 80's. (I think every second-hand store has 'em!) Although the Nat Geo photogs were shooting with "slow" K-64 film and often dealing with rather poor lighting, weather and environmental conditions, many of the pics have that undeniable WOW factor. You won't notice the graininess, the softness, the less-than-ideal lighting, or even the blur caused by subject movement. What takes your breath away is... content.

To me, my instructor's words hold even more weight today because in digital photography we have so many great tools to fix technical shortcomings and our other boo-boos after the fact, but there's no substitute for good content. And if you don't live near a second-hand store, just peruse thru the Finished Challenges here on DPReview. There you'll find some really wonderful shots made by top-of-the-line gear all the way down to the cheapest P&S. And if you keep looking, you'll probably even find a few WOW shots taken by a Canon mirrorless.

Good shooting!

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