Your photography rights in the USA just got clarified. A must read!

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Re: Your photography rights in the USA just got clarified. A must read!
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A crime? Someone goes to a shopping mall, no signs around, and is not aware there's a 'no photography' rule that the mall ownership has (rule, not law), I'm pretty sure taking a photo in such an instance would be subject to a penalty. What isn't clear, is whether the mall is in their rights to call the police to have them stopped from taking photos.

Or, to make the point simpler: say there isn't even such a policy. Make believe its a single store. The owner of the store just decided that he just doesn't want YOU to take photos in his shop and calls the police to have you stopped... what is the scenario then?

ChrisBurch wrote:

In those cases, the photographer is actually committing a crime and is therefore subject to whatever penalties might ensue. The fact that he/she is filming is irrelevant at that point.

PicOne wrote:

Indeed, not clear how trespassing or non-authorized filming/recording fit in with this. Some buildings, malls etc require permits etc or have a no-photography policy. So, can mall security eg. call the police to have them stop someone from photographing in their private property (though it is publicly accessible)? I would think so.

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