New 5D2 owner - first impressions and advice

Started Jul 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
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New 5D2 owner - first impressions and advice
Jul 27, 2012

Hi guys,

I've just upgraded from 60D to 5D2 and wanted to see if anyone else who's made this switch had similiar first impressions.

First thing I noticed while shooting was how hard it was to get AF to lock in even in good light vs the 60D. I use single focus points usually non-center ones and found the lens (24-105L which I used extensively on my crop bodies prior to the 5D) very often hunts, and I have to switch to the center point to get it to lock. In the Olympic man photo below I tried using the bottom-most sensor to lock on the text on the base of the statue, but it wouldn't lock ). I actauly dont recall it being this bad with my 550D either ( no off center cross points either ) ...but I could have just forgotten.

Another thing that was shocking was how soft even the well focused images look prior to pp. BUT to my very pleasant surprise they sharpen up amazingly well in Lightroom. Whereas with the crops I wouldnt dare push sharpening above 35-40, here I can easily go up to 60 on the sharpen slider and the photo just comes to life. I have included a couple of images of my toddler running around pre and post sharpening.

Just wondering is that is to be expected with a FF sensor or do I need better focusing technique .

Overall though, after pp the shots, I am thrilled with how beautful and rich and 3d the images come out vs the crop. I do want to make sure I learn to get the most out of this camera ( and myself ).

Any tips greatly appreciated!

I shot in sRAW1 mode ( 11mp size )

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