Is the built in viewfinder dead?

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Tom Caldwell
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I did not know that my "skill" was so unique
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Darrell Spreen wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Thanks Darrell

With auto focus I tended to look over the top of the camera for a rough framing and then rely on the auto focus to do the job. Good enough but hardly "purist".


Please, please don't say you are willing to subscribe to the "guess and shoot" technique. My love of photography is based on the notion of composing photos when I go out to shoot -- and the enjoyment I get from hearing from others who have the same respect for photography as an art.

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Has to be tongue in cheek ..

I was talking about when the lcd is so washed out that it cannot be used to compose an image. What choices are left? I said it was not "purist". However when all else fails you still might get a shot when nothing else is possible.

However I have to defend "us" casual shooters who take less time with composition. There is room for both styles. My oft told story is about a photographer I met who had camera on tripod and was waiting for the right light for her carefully composed image. The clouds parted, she scurried to her camera, I went "click" as well, took all of two seconds, and I think my image must have been equally good.

In fact my click was instantaneous and she had to get back to her tripod, I think the parting of the clouds lasted long enough. (grin)

So what is wrong with shooting over the top once you have a fair idea of the area in "imaginary" frame? Not that much worse than using a tunnel optical viewfinder.

Am I the only photographer who has managed to train his brain roughly to the field of view that his lens addresses? You can always "frame" usng the lcd and then watch your subject directly without referring back to the lcd continuously.

The whole subject needs talking up more. Fixed wide angle such as the GRD is easier because it is fixed and it does not take that long to train your eye/brain to recognise just how the camera is going to capture the imaginary frame in your mind. Worth a bit of practice and then none of us would even need an lcd (except to look for those that didn't work. (grin again)

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Tom Caldwell

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