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Re: Please check your facts before posting.
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Great Bustard wrote:

Graystar wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

A little more thought (or reseach) put into it will make it obvious that a lot more people have .22 firearms (much less expensive) and that they are a lot smaller making them much more easy to conceal and use in crimes.

And with a little bit more research you could find surveys of criminals that show that firearm choice is first based on availability, and then familiarity.

Did I say or imply otherwise? Here -- let me quote my closing paragraph that you left out (bold emphasis added, since it seems to have been missed on the first read):

However, the reality is that .22 firearms are much easier to acquire and much easier to conceal. Thus, more are killed by .22s in crime (in America) than 5.56mm firearms.

And that is 100% wrong. .22s aren't any easier to get than any other gun, and they're not easier to conceal. For some reason you're equating bullet size with concealability, but they don't go hand-in-hand. Cheap .25 caliber guns (so-called "Saturday Night Special') are more easily available and concealable. In any case, there no reliable studies on the caliber used in homicides because the FBI doesn't require caliber to be reported. The FBI does have, however, caliber information on officers killed, and .22 is way down in the list as far as number of officers killed.



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