LR4 display colour management?

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Re: LR4 display colour management?
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Windows defaults to the sRGB IEC61966-2.1 profile for monitors . The profile sets your monitor up to display an 8-bit sRGB color space.

A few monitor manufacturers, especially those that manufacture wide gamut color monitors, will include software that will overwrite the OS monitor profile with one specifically for their monitor.

When you color calibrate your monitor a color correction table is produced. The calibration software also places a small program on the computer that loads during the startup procedure. This small program will apply the color correction table to your monitor some time late in the start up procedure. That is why you see the colors change during startup.

From now on all programs will be displaying images that are color corrected. It doesn't matter if the programs are color managed or not.

When a program doesn't display the colors of an image correctly it is not color managed, the image it is trying to display is not in the normal default sRGB color space, and the program is forcing the display into the sRGB color space.

Typical image files that don't display correctly are RAW, PSD, and TIFF files. Many programs simply don't know how to translate the color data in those file formats into a correct sRGB color display.

Images that do not have the sRGB color space embedded in them can also cause problems even if they are supposed to be sRGB images. Many images from the internet fall into this category.

Do NOT change the OS monitor profile to the color correction table produced by your color correction device. That will screw things up royally.

Lightroom uses ProPhoto color space, which is a 16-bit color space. Even though it is using a 16-bit wide gamut color space it only uses it for editing. For display it uses the 8-bit sRGB color space. The color corrections are then applied by the color correction software so that the color displayed are correct. LR and Photoshop are perhaps the most perfectly color managed programs available.

If you are having color display problems with your laptop then something isn't working correctly with your OS or the calibration software. I have three color calibrated monitors, two on my desk (one PVA and one IPS) and one laptop. All display correct colors without any problems, even the dithered 6-bit TF laptop display.

I would be temped to tell you to reinstall the OS then reinstall the color correction software and recalibrate your monitor. After that don't make any more changes to the monitor profile. You can do a new color calibration at regular intervals since that doesn't effect the monitor profile.

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