Thom changes D800 to "Not Recommended" due to Left AF Issue

Started Jul 23, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Thom changes D800 to "Not Recommended" due to Left AF Issue

Rich42 wrote:

I'm not ignoring the impact the problems have for ANY photographers. I'm not ignoring the problems at all. I'm objecting to the hysterical over-reaction that is happening regarding these issues.

OTOH, I should not be surprised. The Internet is full of this kind of instant over-reaction to so many things. And so many people who have bought this camera have so little real background in photography, that they can't deal with the presence of the problem.

YES it's annoying. YES, It's wrong that Nikon has remained silent. YES, they have no excuse for that. YES, buyers have a right to expect the camera to have all its functions intact. YES, Nikon should pay for shipment for cameras that need fixing. YES, Nikon's feet should be held to the fire. NO, the problems do not render the camera as defective. NO, the problems don't constitute an obstacle to 99%+ of what this camera is used for. The terribly tiny percent of photography that requires the left AF point to be used reliably, notwithstanding. NO, incurable hand wringers, equipment hypochondriacs and fence sitters shouldn't buy this camera.

photography is an art as well as a competition. The camera captures a moment that never comes back. Af should be reliable or you do not have a reason to buy af camera.

And finally, YES, Nikon will take care of the problems.

Go worry about the sky falling.

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