Why I won't switch to the Canon EOS M

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Re: Why I won't switch to the Canon EOS M
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Until just a year ago, I was a Canon guy. Love the cameras and their ergonomics, love the L and top-line ef-s lenses, and even love the company, which is truly dedicated to using imaging to make human life better. But, it was all too darn heavy and I sold everything--50D, 7D, 5 L lenses, top shelf ef-s lenses, remotes, tele extenders etc. Still, I miss my 300L f4 IS, and there is nothing like it for m4/3s. As well, shots from my previous generation 40D look better than images with my G3--the bigger sensor is just sharper and less noisy. I can blow up my 40D (and 50D/7D) images to 17x22 inches and even larger with great clarity and sharpness. My largest g3 prints are of lesser quality even at 13x19--at 17x22 they look pixilated and unsharp. Still, I use my G3 and lenses much more because it is so much easier to carry.

So when I first read the stories all over the internets this morning, I wondered if I had made the right decision selling all my Canon gear and spending much of the money on Pana m4/3s body and lenses. It would have been so wonderful to stick my 300L on a tiny body with an APS-c sensor. But then I both looked closer and thought about it. It is significantly bigger and marginally heavier, reducing the impact of the very reason I went m4/3s. That and the fact that the lens lineup will be years before native M lenses approach the range in m4/3s. Also, I would never buy a primary camera without some sort of viewfinder. So the envy just swept through for a couple of minutes but now is completely gone. Maybe worth another look in a couple of years.

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